About Camille Jay

camille jay 3

Media Mover Shaking Things Up

Camille Jay is a multimedia journalist and correspondent.  She has experience in print, online, on camera, and radio broadcasts and strives to be the next “Voice of New York.”  As a lover of the arts, she uses her craft to allow artists to share their work with the world.  Camille also has experience in web design, site editing/management, and social media.  She has even hosted concerts and events in the New York City area.

When she is not finding the next big thing, she is a dancer for KaNu Dance Theater, Dance Instructor at Danse Xpressions LLC and teaching artists within the Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation (making ‘Shaking Things Up’ a double entendre)

You can contact her by emailing info@CamilleJayCruz.com & Follow her on twitter @CamilleJayCruz or Instagram @CamilleJay_.​

To be involved is to know that my efforts make me a more productive member of my community and society. And as the oldest of four girls, I strive to be a positive role model, dedicated to what makes my heart happy.”                              – Camille Jay

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