Obama vs Romney: The Final Showdown Pt 2

The 2nd Presidential Debate between candidates Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, was by far, the best debate yet.  The battle was very intense and it was evident that each of them had been well prepared and brought their “A” game.  However, the general consensus is that President Obama finish on top this round.

On Tuesday October 16th 2012, Hofstra University had the opportunity of hosting yet another presidential debate. Unlike the first debate, which was mostly dull due to the lack of energy, this presidential debate was exciting! One of the most interesting elements was the town hall-style setup, which allowed for community involvement and for the candidates to walk around and interact with each other.  At one point, they got so close to each other, it seemed as if they were going to physically brawl right in the middle of the debate hall.  It was obvious that both men came to fight ’til the death. This time around Obama seemed to be back from his mental vacation and  Romney had more details in his answers.

President Obama’s campaign advisers must have told him about his lack of energy and aggression from the last debate because he came to this one a new man. His first words after his introduction were “What governor Romney said just now, just isn’t true.”  Within this first statement, you can see he was more aggressive than in his entire last debate.  From round 1 of this debate,  the president was anxious for a knockout.  His aggressiveness landed him a knockdown when it came to Libya and foreign policy. Mitt Romney attempted to call the president out on his classification of the Libya attacks, but he did so poorly, and it led to moderator Candy Crowley fact checking him on the spot.  This was a point for the president and,may have well been the tie breaking moment.
In this debate Governor Romney did things good, but not great. He could have scored points if he chose his words correctly when dealing with the president.  He also missed out on the opportunity to tell the American people how he differs from previous President George W. Bush. When the audience member asked the candidates what qualities they possess and why they should be elected, Romney didn’t do enough explaining of how he differed fundamentally from previous Republican presidents, and that may hurt him more than the polls show. He did however, as he always does, do a good job in bashing the presidents last 4 years. Though repetitive, he was very effective at making the president seem less qualified for his position given certain circumstances, but is it enough to win him an election?

A Place I Love

A Place I Love

I am standing in a tight, dimly lit corner and I can feel my heart pounding fast in my chest. An undeniable feeling is surging through my veins. The temperature in my cheeks rises as they turn pink with excitement. My fingers tingle as bursts of energy travel through my arms and congregate at my finger tips. My spine wiggles as the slightest shocks of nerves skate from my neck down to the heels of my feet. The thoughts inside my head imitate cars driving on a series of intertwined highways, determined to get to their destination fast. It’s a race against time as I attempt to go over everything I was taught during the last couple months. And just like that, the lights go out.

It’s time.

Years of training have led up to this very moment. I can remember a time as a child when I would not even want to set foot in a studio. My mother started me in classes since I was two. By the age of 7 or 8, I didn’t understand why, instead of going on play dates every Saturday morning with my friends, I would be stuck taking classes. It was not until my preteen years that I started taking my craft more seriously. It was a talent that I was now becoming proud of and I only wanted to get better.

After classes or rehearsals, you could always find me in the studio, by myself, perfecting the choreography taught. I loved the feeling of my rough bare feet gripping the smooth marley floor, and call me selfish, but I didn’t want to share it with anybody. During one of my final dates with the studio, my mother calls, rushing me home in order to watch my younger siblings. Before I left, I took a good around, admiring every inch of the room. As I stood there grounded, I took a good look in the mirror and asked myself “What is it that you want to do?”

I hear the crowd applause as the group that just finished silently rushes past me. I say a few quick words to the Big Man upstairs and then to myself. “You got this! Go out there and kill it!” I quickly maneuver through the darkness, find my place and stick my starting position. I’m ready.

The lights then shine bright and I can barely see anything past 20 feet. But I know there are people out there, watching my every move. I must please them. Within a second the music I know all too well begins. And my body takes over.

My movements flow along with the smooth rhythms of the piano, something like a fish floating down a river. My back contracts and releases by command of the deep voice of the drum. My arms slice through the air commenting the sharp sounds of the violin. I am hitting all shapes and poses, and executing the choreography with all of my mind, body and soul.

Through these movements I must tell a story, my story. I can tell the story of my journey through life and through the arts, evoking all kinds of emotions. Even though my story isn’t complete, I don’t think they will mind.

As the piece nears the end and my body begins to run out of oxygen, I gather my last bit of energy. I push myself to execute these last steps at the absolute best. These steps must be better than anything prior because it is the final impression. It is the last the audience will see of me and I must leave them with something they will remember and love. To the final boom of the drum, I freeze in my ending pose. And the lights go out.

I can hear the loud thunder of the crowd as they cheer and applause, and the distinct “That’s my baby! Mommy loves you!” from my biggest fan. I was out of breath running off that stage but the energy of the crowd gives me life. An undeniable feeling is surging through my veins. I stand tall and rejuvenated as this fresh energy travels along my spine. My fingers clench with power and pride. My cheeks radiate with the glow as I can now answer the question I once asked myself. This is where I want to be, the place I love, Center Stage.

Obama vs Romney: The Final Showdown Pt 1

October 3rd, 2012 marked the start of the Presidential Debates between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. This is debate is important because, for many Americans, it is their first time hearing Governor Romney’s take on certain social and economic policies. It also takes place after a bad press month for the Romney campaign with attacks from the left about his remark on the 47% of Americans that don’t pay federal taxes. For this debate, Romney would need to be on his A game if he wants a chance at becoming the President of the United States. For Obama, his same zeal and charismatic energy would be needed to retain his seat in the White House as Commander-in-Chief.

The debate initially began with remarks from Jim Lehrer, the moderator for the event and he immediately gave the floor to President Obama for his 2 minutes of speech on the economy. Obama began by wishing his wife, Michelle Obama, a happy 20th marriage anniversary and from there he went straight to business.

Overall the debate was interesting but still lacked the substance I believe the American people were looking for. The candidates only minimally answered the questions that the moderator asked and often time the topic of conversation was lost in argument. For example, Governor Romney didn’t give enough details on his actual economic plan because he was too busy defending, as the President put it, his $5 trillion tax cut.  President Obama seemed lethargic and disinterested in being in Colorado for the debate. It seemed as if he had a plan to talk to the American people and in executing that plan he failed to adequately defend himself against some of Romney’s false statements. This was evident when Obama failed to address Governor Romney’s classification of Obama’s tax plan as “trickle down” which is false.

One thing the President did do a good job at was keeping his composure. He never seemed faltered by any of Romney’s claims and he seemed to be sharing control of the debate with the Governor. From the non-verbal cues, it was apparent that Obama was more comfortable in his position as he tended to look at the audience more often than Romney (which seemed to be hardly ever). He smiled respectively at Romney’s attempts to be funny along with a few other things that were noticeable.

Governor Romney was a livelier candidate and also seemed to be more prepared. However, this was Romney’s moment to paint a picture of himself for the American people. Instead he attempted to paint a rather ugly picture of President Obama and told the American people he won’t be the same way. Instead of talking about the policies he planned to implement, Governor Romney tried his best to discredit the President’s policies and his handling of certain situations.

To this moment, I guarantee you that not even 3 out of 10 Americans can speak to more than one policy Romney plans to implement if elected President of the United States. That’s mostly because he didn’t touch on them too much during the debate. He may have made a mention here or there, but the things the American people want to know, such as: what Romney plans to cut to fund such policies, who’s taxes will be increased, what, if any, programs will have their funding reduced or eliminated to pay for the policies Romney wants to implement. These are questions the people want to know and Governor Romney didn’t answer them well enough.

In all, both candidates were just okay at the first presidential debate. The next Presidential Debate will be held on October 16th, 2012 at Hofstra University in Hempstead New York.  I believe everyone is expecting President Obama to come out in full force in response to his loss in the last debate.  I hope both candidates are prepared and ready for a big show down.

Misconceptions of Greek Life. written by me 🙂 check it out.


For over 100 years, Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLO’s) have revolutionized the college experience for African-American students through substantial traditions of brotherhood and sisterhood, civic action and numerous amounts of community service and philanthropy. However, these commendable achievements often go unnoticed due to the stereotypes and misconceptions of these fraternities and sororities.

“It is important for others to see personal testimonies of Greek life,” said Lauren Taylor, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. With the media focusing on the social lives of fraternities and sororities, the purpose of these organizations is often hidden. Some people may say they associate Greek life with hazing and extreme partying. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, hazing is defined as the practice of harassment through unnecessary, disagreeable, or difficult tasks or tricks.

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Accessory of the Season: Cable Knit Scarves

Hello World. I am Camille Cruz and I am new to this blogging scene.  I am a student at Hofstra University with a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in dance.  Since I’m a newbie, I will dabble into a few topics until I find one that I absolutely love and will stick with it. Feel free to drop a comment, whether it be criticism, suggestions, or requests.  I’m open to all of that and enjoy the responses of my readers.

For my first blog, I chose the subject of Fashion. Enjoy!

The Fall season has arrived! And that means so has fall fashion, which in my opinion is one of the most fashion forward seasons of the year.  There are so many styles and looks to choose from.  But in order to complete a look, you need accessories.  I asked around to find out what accessory was a must have.  This season, there seems to be a trend with a particular accessory, one that no girl wants to leave the house without, a cable knit scarf.


“Scarves can be the one thing you need to add a little spice to your outfit,” said Sade Fantauzzi, a self-proclaimed fashionista at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. These scarves come in a variety of colors, lengths and patterns, which make them ready to be apart of any ensemble.  By adding a scarf to a simple shirt and jeans combination, you can make the outfit come alive.  They can also be dressed up or down which means they can go with any outfit.

“They are comfy and warm, making them a great fall essential,” said Natanya Abraham, a junior at Howard University in Washinton DC.  These scarves come in many textures for the different temperatures of the fall season.


“I do not leave my house without it,” said Yanique Conie of Delaware State University in Delaware.

Since this is such a versatile accessory, everyone should have a few of them.  If you want a custom-made scarf, I know just where to send you….

Lily’z Closet “Fun accessories for the everyday woman” With scarves and knit headbands ranging from about $12-$30.  Check it out at Facebook.com/lilyzcloset or on Instagram @Lilyz_Closet and Email orders to Lilyzcloset@gmail.com.