Obama vs Romney: The Final Showdown Pt 2

The 2nd Presidential Debate between candidates Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, was by far, the best debate yet.  The battle was very intense and it was evident that each of them had been well prepared and brought their “A” game.  However, the general consensus is that President Obama finish on top this round.

On Tuesday October 16th 2012, Hofstra University had the opportunity of hosting yet another presidential debate. Unlike the first debate, which was mostly dull due to the lack of energy, this presidential debate was exciting! One of the most interesting elements was the town hall-style setup, which allowed for community involvement and for the candidates to walk around and interact with each other.  At one point, they got so close to each other, it seemed as if they were going to physically brawl right in the middle of the debate hall.  It was obvious that both men came to fight ’til the death. This time around Obama seemed to be back from his mental vacation and  Romney had more details in his answers.

President Obama’s campaign advisers must have told him about his lack of energy and aggression from the last debate because he came to this one a new man. His first words after his introduction were “What governor Romney said just now, just isn’t true.”  Within this first statement, you can see he was more aggressive than in his entire last debate.  From round 1 of this debate,  the president was anxious for a knockout.  His aggressiveness landed him a knockdown when it came to Libya and foreign policy. Mitt Romney attempted to call the president out on his classification of the Libya attacks, but he did so poorly, and it led to moderator Candy Crowley fact checking him on the spot.  This was a point for the president and,may have well been the tie breaking moment.
In this debate Governor Romney did things good, but not great. He could have scored points if he chose his words correctly when dealing with the president.  He also missed out on the opportunity to tell the American people how he differs from previous President George W. Bush. When the audience member asked the candidates what qualities they possess and why they should be elected, Romney didn’t do enough explaining of how he differed fundamentally from previous Republican presidents, and that may hurt him more than the polls show. He did however, as he always does, do a good job in bashing the presidents last 4 years. Though repetitive, he was very effective at making the president seem less qualified for his position given certain circumstances, but is it enough to win him an election?

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