Get Out and Vote!

With the election only hours away, voters must make their final decisions on which candidate they will be electing for President of the United States of America. As a first time voter, the excitement over this election is extremely high. The power of every single vote is crucial to the election, so I hope every person eligible gets to a poll and casts their vote.

The chaos from Hurricane Sandy has caused a major issue in preparation for this election. With power outages still remaining in New Jersey, Queens, Westchester and Long Island, many polling sites have been relocated. However, getting in contact with the voters is posing a difficulty. Without power, these voters may not be notified of these relocations.

Radio stations and news casts will be announcing new polling sites all day.

For current voting locations, New Yorkers can text “NYCVOTES” to 877-877. Spanish speakers can text “DONDE” to 877-877 for information. With the aid of the social media world, hopefully we can spread the word of the new polling sites.

The misplacement of absentee ballots has also developed an issue for this election. I applied for an absentee ballot but it never came in the mail. This has been the case for many, especially those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I will not let this stop me from voting and I hope others do the same. It will be a long commute, but I will be making a trip to my registered voting site in Westchester County, so that my voice is heard.

Poll sites open Tuesday from 6 a.m to 9 p.m. If you are a New York resident, and you can’t make it to your polling site, you are allowed to vote in person at the Board of Election’s borough offices until 5pm today.

Those locations are:

Bronx: 1780 Grand Concourse, 5th floor

Brooklyn: 345 Adams Street, 4th floor

Manhattan 450 West 33rd Street, 10th floor (temporary BOE office)

Queens: 126-06 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens

Staten Island: 1 Edgewater Plaza, 4th floor

For more information about New York polling sites, visit the website of New York 1.

Every vote counts. It is imperative that all eligible voters do their research and vote for the most qualified candidate.

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