What’s that Jacket, Margiela?

The day millions of fashionistas have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Starting tomorrow, November 15th, H&M will carry classic Maison Martin Margiela clothing and accessories.  Now we can all be like Kanye!

Staying true to its avant-garde style, the Margiela collection for H&M incorporates objects, deconstructed materials, and embodies a baggy, oversized look.  You may also find that several pieces are fusions of two types of garments; either two different dresses combined or a skirt that turns into pants towards the bottom.  The Margiela house has always been known to turn anything into a fashion accessory and that is evident in their H&M collection.

This H&M and Margiela collaboration brings high-end style for an affordable price.  Original Margiela pieces can cost thousands of dollars, however the H&M collection price range from $13-$399.  The more reasonable price range allows more people to afford this brand.

The collection is composed of reissued archived Margiela pieces and will be labeled to indicate which Margiela season it originated from.  So when Kanye asks “What’s that jacket, Margiela?” You can respond with “Why yes it is. Inspired by the Fall ’95 collection to be exact!”

Take a quick listen to my  podcast about the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection, view some of the collection below and comment with your favorite piece.

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