2013 Means New Projects. #WatchOut

Happy New Year Bloggers!!!

I hope this new year brings nothing but blessings and positive energy to everyone.  So far this new year has been good to me and has allowed for great opportunities in which I can better myself on my path towards my career.

After hours of lectures, tracking/shadowing, and studying, I have officially passed the 88.7fm WRHU Radio Hofstra University Training Course.  I am currently a Local Traffic and News Reporter for the show Newline which airs Monday through Friday from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  I am also a disk jockey for the R&B Serenade, airing Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  I hope to get more involved with news production and music production at the station and hopefully I get my own music show before I graduate.

I advise any Hofstra broadcast student to join WRHU. Although a lot of work must be done in order to become a member, IT IS ALL WORTH IT! You get hands on experience with state of the art equipment, you learn the rules and regulations of the FCC, and you get to be a part of an exemplary college radio station which can compete with commercial stations across the country.

Tune into 88.7fm, download the WRHU app, or click here, to  listen to WRHU broadcasts.

I have also had the pleasure of joining Tha L Spot, a networking and public relations company, directed towards independent entertainment artists.  My first project with Tha L Spot included interviewing the artists performing in the Live Wire Rising Star Concert Series on December 22nd 2012.  I was nervous to do the interviews, being that they were my first recorded interviews, but I did my research on the artists and prepared as much as I could.

After watching the footage of the interviews, I was proud of my work, however I realized they were not perfect and I did have some growing to do as a journalist. I am a hard working and dedicated young woman, and I will put in the effort needed to perfect my skills.

My latest achievement has been accepting an internship with Black Dance Magazine.  I came across their facebook page and noticed they were taking suggestions for their premiere issue.  I emailed the editor with my ideas and she asked me to go ahead and write the story.  Within 24 hours, I emailed her the first draft of the article, including 3 interviews.  I guess she liked the article because it was accepted for publication in the premiere issue of Black Dance Magazine and they offered me an internship.  They also invited me to the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference, where Black Dance Magazine will debut it’s first issue.

Although I will be very busy with my new projects, I am excited for the experiences I will gain from these endeavors.  I plan to learn from every experience and use it to better my craft.  With a positive attitude, dedication, and room for growth, I will reach and exceed my goals.

I appreciate all support, suggestions and criticisms.  Follow this Blog and Follow me on Twitter @CamilleJCruz

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