Live Wire Rising Star Concert Series

Tha L Spots gets you behind the scenes and on stage at the Live Wire Concert at Iguanas Lounge in NYC on December 22nd 2012.

The Live Wire Concert Series, started as an outlet for underground artists to expose themselves through performances. Tha L Spot speaks with Live Wire Concert Series hosts Joe Swagg and Raleena, as they explain the concert series’s success and their future endeavors.

Diomara Delvalle, a Pop/ R&B artisit from Long Island, gave the audience a sneak peak of what they should expect in her upcoming EP, Black Pearls, scheduled for release sometime this year.  Diomara gave Tha L Spot the scoop on Black Pearls, as well as her other projects and how she got started in the music industry.  Take a Look! 

Rapper DubWork, hailing from New Jersey, performed some of his latest work at the concert and spoke with Tha L Spot about the mixtape he is working on, entitled Dream ChasersCheck out the interview here, and to see Dubwork’s performance, .

The concert also included performances by Odiseas Georgiadis (as seen on the Voice), Lady J, Siaira Shawn, Nathaniel ‘FlyNate’, Fre$h the Be$t, and J. McFly.

For more interviews and performances from the Live Wire Rising Stars Concert Series, please visit Tha L Spot on Youtube! Also don’t forget to visit ThaLSpot website for your entertainment updates.

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