Tha L Spot Chats with “TuNe$”

Tha L Spot Chats with Artist Kayden “TuNe$” Wong

Published on Tha L Spot on March 12th 2013


Rapper Kayden “TuNe$” Wong seems to be an artist to look out for this year. This Queens native, with roots extending to China and Jamaica, was influenced by the greats of Hip Hop and Reggae music. With his smooth lyrical style, layered over innovative beats, his unique sound is a sure win over the ears and hearts of many.

 Getting involved in the music world was inevitable for the young TuNe$. With an older brother and cousin pursuing a musical career, he was exposed to the culture at an early age. TuNe$ began writing and recording rhymes recreationally inside his neighbor’s basement. He became interested in the production of songs and would create beats on a video game for his PlayStation. Over the years, as his interest grew deeper, his skills in writing and producing music sharpened. After honing in and perfecting his craft, TuNe$ decided to become an artist and producer of his own material.​

“Music is something that I’m passionate about, that I don’t plan on stopping,” said TuNe$. Staying true to definition, the company name Deceptive Cadence Productions, stemmed from TuNe$’ unrestrained devotion to music.​

In his debut album, iTuNe$, released early 2012, TuNe$ opened up in what seems like a lyrical autobiography. As a college student, his music tells the stories of the average young adult. He shares his everyday experiences in his music, allowing him to be relatable and popular. His ability to connect with his audience is so genuine and well received amongst his peers and fans. As a member of the Nubian Gents Step and Dance ministry, TuNe$ has traveled to Australia, New Zealand and other European countries. He witnessed the way music transcends audiences and learned techniques necessary for distinguished performances. Attentive to crowd reaction, TuNe$ learned to keep a fluid set, encourage audience participation and he may occasionally bust out a dance or two.​​

You can catch TuNe$ performing at various venues in the New York City and Long Island area with Regime, a music group led by fellow artist Army. “As a group, we are individuals who are committed to using our talents our skills and our abilities to inspire those around us and to set that standard instead of chasing it.”​

To download TuNe$’ album or to check out where he is performing next, visit

Recap of the interview here:

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