Classical Opera artist Dominque Forbes

Classical Opera artist Dominique Forbes
Published on Tha L Spot on April 24th 2013

With a keen ear for music, distinguished voice and classy chic style, Classical Opera artist Dominique Forbes, has established herself as a young artist with a diverse repertoire.

“I am different and doing what I love has allowed me to accept who I am and be my real self,” said Dominique. After performing her first opera solo in the fourth grade, Dominique felt a connection to the art form and could not deny passion for its sound, purity, and beauty.​

Under the guidance of Shirley Crabbe, Dominique trained and sharpened her vocal talents. After graduating high school, Dominique was honored to be selected as a member of the Sound of America Chorus. With the group, she toured Europe and witnessed how music, a universal language, moves people all around the world.

“I know from experience that singing doesn’t just involve your voice,” said Dominique. Not only does she enjoy singing but she has a background in dance and acting as well. By encompassing all three mediums in her performances, she uses her body and voice to translate a story to her audience.​

“Classical concerts can be very traditional and modest in presentation, but they give the audience members a chance to take in the experience,” said Dominique. She explained how her performances allow for a different experience than those of pop or hip hop concerts. Rather than singing and dancing along with the artist, at a classical concert sit back, watch and listen. She expresses how she wants her audience to “internalize and engage themselves” in her music without any distractions.

She recently put on her first one woman show in Syracuse New York. “Once I put on that gown and looked in the mirror, I told myself, ‘just sing tonight. Do you!’ And there was no turning back!”

Dominique is excited to keep excelling in her career in classical music. This summer Dominique will be participating in the Opera Works and Opera Viva Programs. Her ultimate goals are to be entertaining, directing, and producing and someday open her own performing arts center.

Below is a video of her performing:

The Gothic Puppet Takeover

On April 19th, 2013, IMANI Dance Ensemble hit the stage in Strictly Steppin’s Annual Schowcase “When Dolls Come to Life”

The showcase included a step and dance competition between Adelphi’s and Stony Brook’s step teams and Hofstra’s own IMANI Dance Ensemble and TranscenDance.

Check out IMANI Dance Ensemble’s performance entitled The Gothic Puppet Takeover here!

The judges crowned Stony Brook’s Step team as the winners against Adelphi in the step competition. As for dance, by crowd reaction, TranscenDance snatched the win.

Strictly Steppin closed the show with a cute Doll themed performance. Check it out below.

Think Logic-ly


Westchester’s natives, AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly, of Logic Ent., are definitely artists to look out for this Spring. Influenced by the greats in hip hop such as Tupac, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dog and Nas, the duo blends clever punch lines with genuine lyrics to create refreshing music for audiences to connect with and enjoy. With the upcoming release of their debut EP “For What It’s Worth”, dropping April 30, they are prepared to make their mark on the music world.

​Growing up in the 90’s, often referred to as the Golden Era of Hip Hop, both AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly felt they were surrounded by music and its culture. They each began writing during their early adolescent years and eventually it cultivated into more than just a hobby.

​”I wanted to stand out and be different, and to monopolize the industry,” said Monopaly.

 During his high school years, Monopaly created the entertainment group PunchLine Ent. and along with his peers, would battle other local rap groups. He released his first single “All I Do” in 2006.

​After the untimely death of his father, AJ Rockafeller channeled his confusion and frustrations into his writing. He realized a career in music would be his only satisfaction in life and sought for an outlet in which he could express himself. In 2007, he teamed up with Monopaly and they eventually formed their Logic Ent. label.

 “We are real people and we rap about real things,” said AJ Rockafeller. The group prides itself on being authentic and natural. They enjoy having creative control and ownership of their music and brand.

​”This is the most humbling experience in my life,” said AJ Rockafeller.

​The release of their first single “Respiration 2K12” from the upcoming EP, was so well received by audiences, it drove the duo to work harder. They released the second and third singles “High Off Life” and “Gotta Let U Go” which tell their life experiences and how they overcome any adverse obstacle.

​”I believe this mixtape will excel my career and be everything and more,” said Monopaly.

​After years of learning the industry and gaining experience, the group is prepared to share their music with audiences and hopefully one day include their name amongst the greats in Hip Hop.

​Check out Monopaly and AJ Rockafeller’s latest video “Gotta Let U Go” here. And be on the lookout for their EP “For What It’s Worth” dropping April 30.

IMANI Dance Ensemble presents Studio 72!

On April 4th, 2013, IMANI Dance Ensemble took over Adams Playhouse to present their Annual Showcase entitled “Studio 72.”

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The show took the audience on a journey throughout the pretigious performing arts school. The hosts, Lamar K. Cheston & Dion Suleman of Let’s Work Ent, added a hilarious touch to the show. Along with pieces by IMANI Dance Ensemble, special performances included Isleema Songbird, Kayden “TuNe$” Wong, Hofstra’s Sp!t, and Strictly Steppin’.

Take a look at scenes from the show here!

Act 1: Home Room

Act 2: Pop Class Room

Act 3: Lunch Room

(Stage View)

Act 4: Locker Room

(Stage view)

Act 5: Detention

(Stage View)

Act 6: School’s Out

(Stage View)

Tha L Spot Chats with UniMix Films

Tha L Spot Chats with UniMix Films Patrick & Jessica Ulysse

Published on Tha L Spot on April 10th 2013

unimix films

Independent film maker Patrick Ulysse, is in the process of producing his second film “Forever Yours”, a romantic comedy about a soccer coach and a choreographer who fall in love but let past decisions and personal relationship challenges hinder them from being together. However, their passion for the teens at the community center they work at allow them to realize the strength in their love and relationship.

Interested in films since his early teen years, Patrick always felt that his life would involve film making. His interest in films catalyzed after being interviewed on Haitian National Television during his track meet. “I followed the crew around as they interviewed other people and seeing the final product on TV totally got me hooked,” said Patrick. He continued to pursue an associate degree in Video Production at Borough of Manhattan Community College, a Bachelor’s of Arts degree at Brooklyn College, and received special training at New York University. After finishing his education, Patrick wanted an outlet in which he could continue to sharpen his skills as a cinematographer. He decided to start a production company and became the CEO of UniMix Films, which focuses on both video and film. Patrick directed and produced his first film, “One More Try” released in 2006. He is also credited for his work on the award winning shows “Law & Order: SVU”, “Secrets of New York” and “Sex and the City.”

Patrick came up with the concept of “Forever Yours” through experiences in his life and his surrounding environments. People often joke with him and ask if the script is based more on personal experience, considering his wife, Jessica Ulysse, is in fact a choreographer. Although that would make for a cute story, the answer is no. The couple met during the pre-production point of the film’s progress and the script was already written. However, Jessica does play a big role in the production of this film.


As a graduate of Lehman College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mass Communications and Dance, Jessica furthered her dance education at the Alvin Ailey School. She is the artistic director and choreographer for KaNu Dance Theater and co-owner of Danse Xpressions dance studio in Long Island.

For the film, my job required me wearing many hats,” said Jessica. Her official titles are choreographer, instructor, and assistant director of all dance scenes. Jessica explained how after reading the script she had to create the dance pieces for various scenes, selected the wardrobe and assisted with the set design. She also had to get accustomed to choreographing for film, which differs from choreographing for a stage performance. “There are several takes, so, there are many chances to get it right,” said Jessica, “With Most stage performances you only get one chance.”

There is a stigma that doing business with your significant other can cause conflict in the business and in the relationship. Patrick and Jessica each explained how they avoid conflict and how doing business together actually helps their relationship. “When working together, I have to look at my husband as another fellow artist that I am collaborating with and take his ideas in objectively,” said Jessica. She explained how they make sure to listen to each others’ ideas, contemplate the pros and cons, and eventually compromise with each other. For the film, she had to realize that he is the director and in the end it is about his vision.

“We bump heads but we try to always keep the big picture in mind,” said Patrick, “if need be, we agree to disagree.”

Both being independent artists, the couple shares the love of creating works of art for the pleasure of others and are very supportive of each other and their projects. “As an artist, you need to know your significant other has your back,” said Patrick. “Her support keeps my creative juice flowing.”

“I believe that spousal support can make or break your marriage as well as make or break your success as an artist,” said Jessica. Although, their individual projects may sometimes require a lot of attention, they understand spousal support is crucial in any marriage, however, they are blessed to have another artist by their side that understands and shares the passion for the arts.

You can expect “Forever Yours” to hit the festival circuit this fall.

For more information or bookings for UniMix Films or KaNu Dance Theater visit or