IMANI Dance Ensemble presents Studio 72!

On April 4th, 2013, IMANI Dance Ensemble took over Adams Playhouse to present their Annual Showcase entitled “Studio 72.”

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The show took the audience on a journey throughout the pretigious performing arts school. The hosts, Lamar K. Cheston & Dion Suleman of Let’s Work Ent, added a hilarious touch to the show. Along with pieces by IMANI Dance Ensemble, special performances included Isleema Songbird, Kayden “TuNe$” Wong, Hofstra’s Sp!t, and Strictly Steppin’.

Take a look at scenes from the show here!

Act 1: Home Room

Act 2: Pop Class Room

Act 3: Lunch Room

(Stage View)

Act 4: Locker Room

(Stage view)

Act 5: Detention

(Stage View)

Act 6: School’s Out

(Stage View)

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