Classical Opera artist Dominque Forbes

Classical Opera artist Dominique Forbes
Published on Tha L Spot on April 24th 2013

With a keen ear for music, distinguished voice and classy chic style, Classical Opera artist Dominique Forbes, has established herself as a young artist with a diverse repertoire.

“I am different and doing what I love has allowed me to accept who I am and be my real self,” said Dominique. After performing her first opera solo in the fourth grade, Dominique felt a connection to the art form and could not deny passion for its sound, purity, and beauty.​

Under the guidance of Shirley Crabbe, Dominique trained and sharpened her vocal talents. After graduating high school, Dominique was honored to be selected as a member of the Sound of America Chorus. With the group, she toured Europe and witnessed how music, a universal language, moves people all around the world.

“I know from experience that singing doesn’t just involve your voice,” said Dominique. Not only does she enjoy singing but she has a background in dance and acting as well. By encompassing all three mediums in her performances, she uses her body and voice to translate a story to her audience.​

“Classical concerts can be very traditional and modest in presentation, but they give the audience members a chance to take in the experience,” said Dominique. She explained how her performances allow for a different experience than those of pop or hip hop concerts. Rather than singing and dancing along with the artist, at a classical concert sit back, watch and listen. She expresses how she wants her audience to “internalize and engage themselves” in her music without any distractions.

She recently put on her first one woman show in Syracuse New York. “Once I put on that gown and looked in the mirror, I told myself, ‘just sing tonight. Do you!’ And there was no turning back!”

Dominique is excited to keep excelling in her career in classical music. This summer Dominique will be participating in the Opera Works and Opera Viva Programs. Her ultimate goals are to be entertaining, directing, and producing and someday open her own performing arts center.

Below is a video of her performing:

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