In Perfect Harmony with SongBird

In Perfect Harmony with SongBird

Posted on Tha L Spot on May 8th, 2013

​With a special twist on an old school jazz fused with today’s R&B, artist Isleema Songbird proves she is a rising star to look out for this year.

It all started at the tender age of 7 for the young Songbird when she performed “I just can’t give up now” by Mary Mary at a family reunion. She then began to write poetry and short stories as a means of expression. Some of her work eventually formed into melodies and from then on, she could not deny her passion for music.

Influenced by artists such as Lauren Hill, India Arie, Etta James, and Chrisette Michelle, Songbird found her own unique sound. By staying true to the pioneers of jazz while mixing in modern chic rhythm and blues styles, Songbird developed her voice and artistry.

As a member of Scholarich  Music Group, Songbird wishes to use her talents to inspire the younger generations. Through programs such as Lyrical Cafe, Scholarich Music Group uses music, entertainment, sports and fashion to make education more appealing to the urban youth and supplies them with an outlet to express themselves.

“Regardless of the topic, being able to express yourself is key,” said Songbird. Through music and writing, Songbird was able to overcome a speech impediment as a child. With Scholarich Music Group, she can help children overcome any obstacle and follow their dreams.

“I used to think that being different would turn people away,” she described, “but it actually attracts a larger audience.” Along with growing as a performer, Songbird has learned to accept her individuality and just be herself.

“I love watching my work transform from just words on a page to a fully composed piece,” said Songbird, “and I want my audience to understand my freedom of expression.

Songbird is currently finishing a video for her single “Perfect Harmony” which is available on iTunes. Stay tuned this summer for the release of her debut album. In the meantime, you can catch Songbird, along with the other members of Scholarich Music Group, performing around the New York City area.

Want more information on Scholarich Music Group? Visit

Link to Perfect Harmony on iTunes:

Watch a live performance of Songbird here:



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