Hosting with the Pap Gawd

Hosting w/ the “Pap Gawd”​
Posted on Tha L Spot on May 22, 2013

Getting on stage and commanding a crowd can be one of the most nerve wrecking and challenging things to do in life, especially if your crowd is made up of tough, no BS taking New Yorkers. However, with a fun, outgoing personality, and the ability to make people laugh, it may come natural to you. At least it did for host Trey “Pap Gawd”.

“I’ve always been loud and outgoing,” said Trey. He began hosting in college, when his school was in need of a host for a step show. With success in keeping the audience happy and engaged, Trey decided to pursue his hosting ability. Since then, word has spread about his talents and he’s been booking shows all around the New York City Area. You may have seen him at events such as The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, Stony Brook’s Homecoming Step Show, Battle of Sparta Greek Basketball Tournament, SUNY Brockport Fashion Show, and St. John’s Spring Concert.

“So many people have eyes on you,” Trey expressed, “It’s my job to keep their attention for the next couple hours.” By staying up-to-date with the current news, topics and trends, he is able to connect and interact with any audience. Not only does he have a big voice on stage. he makes big statements on social media networks as well. Going by the twitter handle “@ISwearIAintHit,” Trey uses his social media presence​ to entertain followers, stay up on the latest happenings, and promote his brand. He also credits Twitter as “something to refer to” when hosting and telling jokes.

Aside from hosting events, Trey also writes music and poetry, dances, steps with the NYC A Team, and coordinates the website He uses his talent from all activities to improve his overall stage performance.

“I always go back to see what I could have done better,” said Trey, “I don’t want to be stagnate.” By taking note of his performance as well the success of other great hosts, Trey continues to better his craft and brand. He strives to become the most popular host in New York and eventually make a career out of it.

“Once I’m on stage, I have a whole different mind-set,” said Trey. No matter what kind of day he is having, he expressed that once he hits that stage, he makes sure everyone has a good show. By just being himself, and having fun, Trey is able to give an experience any audience will enjoy.

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