Cutting it with Nicolette

Published on ThaLSpot site June 12, 2013

On Saturday, the female MC, It’s Ya Girl Nicolette, from the gritty streets of Harlem, NY, premiered the video for her single Twitter Love at the Director’s Cut event at Ripley Grier Studios in NYC.

It’s Ya Girl Nicolette, has been in the music industry for years. She was a member of The Harlem Sunshine Girls at the age of 6. As she grew up, she continued to sing, dance, rap and write music. Thanks to her mother, who ran into LL Cool J and demanded that he meet her star destined daughter, It’s Ya Girl was signed to LL Cool J’s label at the age of 15. She was featured on his record “Get Over Here” off his album Exit 13.


The Director’s Cut, an event series founded by entertainment event
planner Scott Morris, premieres music videos along with the director
and artist, giving them each a chance to discuss their experience in
the business and creating the video. The event also features a live
performance by the artist, a question and answer discussion, and is
an excellent networking outlet for anyone in the entertainment business.

Twitter Love, directed by Eddie Vide, is a cute song about a twitter crush and along with the fun colorful video, makes it very relatable and enjoyable. During her performance, It’s Ya Girl released some of her more rugged material including the song “Skrilla” and “Game Over.”

Since working with LL, It’s Ya Girl gained experience in the industry and what it takes to be successful. She has performed in the Dean’s List and No Boys Allowed college tours and is currently working on her first studio album.

Stay tuned for more from It’s Ya Girl Nicolette and be on the look out for the next Director’s Cut event in NYC this July.

Check out my interview with It’s Ya Girl Nicolette:

It’s Ya Girl Nicolette’s video for Twitter Love:

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