Artist to Watch: @TheRealKingSole

My feature for Tha L Spot Ent. on Queens Rapper King Sole.

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Artist to Watch: King SoleImage

King Sole, hailing from Queens, NY, is definitely an artist to look out for.  King Sole uses lyrical originality laced with smooth beats to demonstrate his ingenuity, not only as an artist, but as a person growing up in this era; where it’s easy to replicate someone else. 

“Through my music I tell a story about a kid coming from poverty,” said Sole, “And that you can do anything you put your mind to, once you have the power to do so.”

Influenced by his tough surroundings, King Sole applies life lessons learned to his music.  He displays versatility in his range, releasing upbeat head knockers like She Selling Dreams ft Dave East, then showing his more tranquil story telling side with Never Wanna Go Back. By not containing himself to one category or style, King Solecontinues to “stay outside the box”. 

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