AIDS Awareness

December is AIDS Awareness month. Companies such as Watchful Eye, Treatment for Life Center, and Love Alive have traveled throughout the NYC area spreading awareness and prevention tips for this disease.

The first case of AIDS was reported in 1981 and since then is has been plaguing communities, especially those of African American decent. Although deaths due to HIV AIDS have been declining, the amount of reports of the disease have increased. One of the problems is that the testing rates have remained stagnate over this time. The same people that would normally get tested are. So these companies are finding new ways to get the information out there and relieve the stigma around the disease.

Jessica Allen, CEO of Watchful Eye organizes various panels, performances, and informationals in order to help start the conversation about status. It is crucial for people to be able to talk about what’s going on and for them to get tested.

Visit the watchful eye website for more information on testing centers near you.

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