[Wild Wednesday] Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

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It’s 2014, and we’ve had our share of adventurous challenges and trends. Remember when planking on the highest, tallest piece of furniture was a thing? Or trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without gagging during the Cinnamon Challenge. 

Well it seems as people complete these challenges, newer and more dangerous ones begin to form.  The latest, The Fire Challenge, in which someone applies a small amount of flammable liquid to the skin, such as alcohol or perfume, set themselves on fire, and see how long they can last before needing to put it out.

What the %+*# ??? (insert your own 4 letter obscenity)

It’s horrifying that anyone would want to do this.  Either our society is getting bolder or dumber.  The sad part is that misguided youths are attempting this challenge, risking the chance of or actually getting severely injured.

In this video, described as the Fire…

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[Trending] Massive Brawl on #LHHATL Reunion

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It’s hard to find the Love in Hip Hop, especially when there are so many fists flying around.  

Tuesday night’s taping of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion advanced into a huge brawl, involving cast members Benzino, his fiance’ Althea, Joseline, Stevie J, Mimi, Tammy and Debra duking it out on stage.

Sources say the fight erupted when Benzino joked about Stevie J and Joseline being crackheads. Stevie jumped up to defend himself, but was intercepted by security.  That’s when the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline took it upon herself to attack Althea. joseline hernandez

Then all hell broke lose.  One fight sparked the next and security couldn’t keep up. 

Joseline somehow then got to Tammy, Waka Flocka Flame’s wife, and ripped her weave 

out.  And Debra, Flocka’s mother was not having
any of that.  She had to jump in to protect her newest family member.  


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[New Music] @KrownRoyaleNY- BandZ

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BandZ, released by rapper Krown Royale is sure to be a song bumpin through your speakers this summer.  This is the second single from the Brooklyn bred MC, off the upcoming project Enter the Spacey.  

The first single,Lebron James,received exceptional feedback and set the tone for outstanding work to come. 

Check out Krown Royale’s BandZ and tell us what you think!

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[Wild Wednesday] Are you ‘Tacky’? – (Happy Parody)

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Instagramming your food. Dropping names and sharing secrets. Never letting someone forget the favor you did for them.

Yes, if you do all of these things, you’re tacky – according to the wonderful Weird Al Yankovic, at least, in his extremely funny parody of Pharrell Williams‘ smash hit ‘Happy’.

This parody might be the best on yet, especially since it features cameo appearances by Margaret Cho, Jack Black,  and Kristen Schaal, to name a few.

The lyrics of the song make it hilarious yet truthful. The song describes some of today’s most tacky trends such as displaying used liquor bottles and bluntly asking people about their age and weight.

And you can’t miss the fashion, such as sequined everything, and outfits with hands placed on boobs and cheeks.

People of today do seem shameless and not embarrassed by anything. They let their true colors shine through…

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[Wild Wednesday] Spoken Word @TheSmoke4Real

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It’s Wild Wednesday! It’s intended to share anything weird or funny, viral or the best kept secret.  The topic is open to anything and everything. So this should be fun!

This Wednesday, I came across this video on Facebook.  This spoken word artist The Smoke 4 Realspits some real ish! It’s wild because he shows no shame in smoking right on the camera.  I’m not knocking it though. Do what you gotta do to express your craft!

This poem Bad Bitches tells the story of the misguidance and misconstrued focus of women in today’s society. His lines are intensely frank and pack a heavy punch with a strong message.

Check out the video below and comment below to tell us what you think!

For more from The Smoke 4 Real, follow him on YouTube and Twitter @TheSmoke4Real.

And if you want to submit a video or story for Wild Wednesdays

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[Music] @PerkBanks – The Cycle

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Perk Banks, hailing from Chester PA, is definitely an artist to listen out for.

With a smooth blend of rap music with trap and rock undertones, Perk Banks creates and defines his unique style.

He was featured on MTV.com and TheDailyDose.com as an artist on the rise.

With a powerful energy in the studio and on the stage, Perk Banks can take his career to the top.

Check out his video for the single The Cycle and look out for the mixtape, The Train Effect, coming soon.

Follow @PerkBanks on Twitter/Instagram

21 Card Productions
Directed by: Scott Aharoni (@ScottAharoni)
Edited by: Scott Aharoni
Director of Photography: Tucker Des Lauriers (@Model_Tucker)
Video Produced by: Scott Aharoni and Tucker Des Lauriers

Song Produced by: Omito (@omitobeats)
Song Mixed/Mastered by: Tony M & The Bass (@_The_Bass)

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[Fashion] BET Awards 2014

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Social media networks went on a frenzy last night as everyone watched and of course critiqued the 2014 BET Awards.  One of the most talked about aspect of awards shows is the fashion.  The red carpet transforms into a runway and celebrities must be on their A game to make it out intact.

photo 1

White gowns were popular on the runway last night, as seen by Ashanti, Amber Rose, Gabrielle Union, and more.  I guess the start of summer has everyone ready to show off in their bright white.

photo 2

And I wonder if Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and August Alsina had the same stylist.  The trio all sported red and black plaid lumberjack shirts throughout the night.  The only problem with these shirts was that they were too long.  They seemed more like dresses than shirts.

Now I must applaud the tweeters and instagramers for wasting NO TIME in getting the…

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[New Music] @ToeTagEksTheGod “Hunnits”

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Artist to Watch:

ABE and his crew are taking over the summer with hits such as Hunnits.With a smooth rhythm, original lyrics, and catchy chorus, this song is definitely one to add to your summer turn up playlist.

Hailing from the Bronx, reppin Martial Arts Studio, ABEalong with Young Kash, Nazdaq, Jah Billz, and Khyre,  plan to serve their fans with nothing but hits.

Take a listen to the single Hunnits and stay tuned for an upcoming video release and a mixtape in the near future.

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[Trending] Kim & Kanye Official Wedding Photos

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The first Kim and Kanye Official Wedding photos are Here!

The couple tied the knot over the weekend at the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy.  Kim showed off her ravishing curves in a lace Givenchy gown.  And the pair displayed their love with kisses in a photo booth at the reception.

Celebrities from all calibers were in attendance from John Legend to Anna Wintour.  However it seems like celebrity power couple Beyonce and Jay Z missed the festivities and Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian seemed to be M.I.A as well.

Kim and Kanye started their honeymoon, without precious baby North, in the village of Castlemartyr in Cork, Ireland.

This is the third marriage for Kim and the first for Kanye.  Wish them the best of luck!

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