[Trending] Massive Brawl on #LHHATL Reunion

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It’s hard to find the Love in Hip Hop, especially when there are so many fists flying around.  

Tuesday night’s taping of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion advanced into a huge brawl, involving cast members Benzino, his fiance’ Althea, Joseline, Stevie J, Mimi, Tammy and Debra duking it out on stage.

Sources say the fight erupted when Benzino joked about Stevie J and Joseline being crackheads. Stevie jumped up to defend himself, but was intercepted by security.  That’s when the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline took it upon herself to attack Althea. joseline hernandez

Then all hell broke lose.  One fight sparked the next and security couldn’t keep up. 

Joseline somehow then got to Tammy, Waka Flocka Flame’s wife, and ripped her weave 

out.  And Debra, Flocka’s mother was not having
any of that.  She had to jump in to protect her newest family member.  


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