[Wild Wednesday] Are you ‘Tacky’? – (Happy Parody)

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Instagramming your food. Dropping names and sharing secrets. Never letting someone forget the favor you did for them.

Yes, if you do all of these things, you’re tacky – according to the wonderful Weird Al Yankovic, at least, in his extremely funny parody of Pharrell Williams‘ smash hit ‘Happy’.

This parody might be the best on yet, especially since it features cameo appearances by Margaret Cho, Jack Black,  and Kristen Schaal, to name a few.

The lyrics of the song make it hilarious yet truthful. The song describes some of today’s most tacky trends such as displaying used liquor bottles and bluntly asking people about their age and weight.

And you can’t miss the fashion, such as sequined everything, and outfits with hands placed on boobs and cheeks.

People of today do seem shameless and not embarrassed by anything. They let their true colors shine through…

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