[Wild Wednesday] Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

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It’s 2014, and we’ve had our share of adventurous challenges and trends. Remember when planking on the highest, tallest piece of furniture was a thing? Or trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without gagging during the Cinnamon Challenge. 

Well it seems as people complete these challenges, newer and more dangerous ones begin to form.  The latest, The Fire Challenge, in which someone applies a small amount of flammable liquid to the skin, such as alcohol or perfume, set themselves on fire, and see how long they can last before needing to put it out.

What the %+*# ??? (insert your own 4 letter obscenity)

It’s horrifying that anyone would want to do this.  Either our society is getting bolder or dumber.  The sad part is that misguided youths are attempting this challenge, risking the chance of or actually getting severely injured.

In this video, described as the Fire…

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