[Trending] iPhone 6 Plus Controversy Carries On #Bendgate #Bendghazi

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So it looks like the hype surrounding Apple iPhone products is caving in, literally!

Consumers just got their hands on the brand new 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus, but reports of the new gadget bending in users’ pockets have set off a firestorm of online criticism.

The latest apple product was constructed with flexible aluminum, which has a tendency to warp slightly in the middle.  This design flaw surfaced only days after the release of the product.

The controversy sparks due to the lack of response from Apple’s public relations team.

So far, over 23,000 tweets have been posted including the hashtags #BendGate and #Bendghazi, allowing consumers to vent their feelings in the social media universe.


Have the iPhone 6 Plus? Give us your review in the comments below.

#TeamGalaxy we didn’t forget about you. Tell us why your phone is better than any #iphone!

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