[Trending Tuesday] Toddler Freaks Out During Game of PeakABoo

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In the most dramatic game of Peak A Booever, one toddler learned, the hard way, that the game does not always end well.

In a YouTube video,  father Bradley Bailey begins a game of Peak A Boo with his young girl, while his wife tapes their cute interactions.

Then Bailey steps away and secretly shaves his beard.  He comes back for another round of Peak A Boo, but when the tot lifts up the towel this time, she finds a barefaced man she doesn’t seem to recognize. She freezes with a stunned looked like “Who the heck is this guy?” before she starts wailing.

Well, kid, beard or no beard, that’s your father.

Some say it should be a crime to trick such a cute kid this way, but the real crime was shooting the video vertically.

Take a look at the video below and comment with your thoughts.

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