[Music Monday] Dean’s List Tour Holiday Album

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Although the concerts have been put on pause for the holidays,The Dean’s List Tour artists are still working hard. This year they have released a holiday album, A Dean’s List Christmas to keep their fans satisfied during the tour break.

This 11 track album features some of the hottest DLT artists and their take on a few holiday classics.

Deck the halls and check out the album below.

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[Wild Wednesday] Bill Nye the ‘Emoji’ Guy?!

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I’m pretty sure many of you remember learning your first science lesson with neighborhood friendly scientist, Bill Nye the Science Guy!  In many ways, he opened our eyes to the world of science and made it seem cool and fun, (that is until we got to school and realized it wasn’t as easy or fun as it looks on tv.)

Anyway, Bill Nye is back again to shed some knowledge on us good folk, and this time he has some of the most familiar faces along with him.  In this video, Bill Nye uses Emojis to explain the Theory of Evolution and it’s actually pretty dope.

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These 7 Details Will Change The Way You Think Of Your Favorite Holiday Songs

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December wouldn’t be complete without the twinkle of light from all the decorated homes and trees, the scent of eggnog brewing on the stove, and of course those soothing holiday tunes that make you laugh, cry and feel all warm inside. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, you can bet that you’ll hear these songs playing everywhere you go. From the mall, to the office, to the car radio, it’s just something you can’t escape and have (hopefully) learned to love. Many holiday songs are festive, others have spiritual overtones, and some have been out for so long that the original meaning of the song has been lost in translation.

However there are some interesting facts about the creation of many popular holiday songs that we bet you didn’t know.

So throw a log in the fireplace, sit back, and enjoy as we help you better understand the songs…

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