[#Music Monday] Nigerian Hip Hop Artist @IcePrinceZamani


Nigerian Hip Hop artist Ice Prince talks performing, musical inspiration, and connecting his music with American culture.

Ice Prince graced the Sound Culture Fest stage, performing some of his latest hits like Bossand Marry You as well as taking it back to his chart topping hit Oleku.  Although he joined the lineup at the last minute, the Prince had the crowd rocking to his beautiful blend of Afro Beat Pop and Hip Hop sounds.

IMG_1600If the vibe is right, 100 percent, If I planned to go 10 songs, I can go 20, I can go forever.”  Ice Prince describes the important role the crowd plays in his performing.  Feeding off the crowd vibe like it’s his kryptonite, he transcends their energy through his stage presence.  Crowd reading is vital as a performer in order to understand what they want to hear and give them the greatest possible experience.

“I don’t try to force the Western World on my Music,” said Ice Prince, “I just open the Western World up to my music.”  Influenced by artists such as Kanye West, Lauryn Hill andNigerian Superstar Mr. IncredibleIce Prince blends Hip Hop and Pop beats with traditional Nigerian and Afro Beat sounds.  Although he admires the bold personalities of such American artists, he stays true to his sound and culture. He takes his listeners on a journey through rhythms and emotions as he laces his sound with the perfect balance of instruments, vocals, and catchy lyrics.  “If they like my music, great for me, if not, then we’ll try again with something else.”

While his upcoming album Jos to the World is in the works, Ice Prince recently debuted his fashion line 24.  With a BET Award, two Nigerian Entertainment Awards, and three Headie Awards under his belt, Ice Prince is setting the stage for an outstanding worldwide career.

You can check out Ice Prince‘s performance at Sound Culture below.  And check out more of Ice Prince‘s music here.

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