Like a Boss: The Day Drinking Survival Guide

(Written By Camille Jay. Posted on Tha L May 25th, 2016)

With Memorial Day just around the corner and Summer teasing and poking it’s big head out, one thing we know that many people will get involved in is: Day Drinking.  School’s out, lunchtime and after work happy hours are in full effect, and the summer is loaded with tons of day parties and beach days.  So we want to help you survive a days worth of liquid courage, and live to do it all again the next day.

Plan Ahead

You don’t know what the day has in store for you.  Whatever happens, you don’t want to let it affect your responsibilities for tomorrow.  So take some time to help your future self out.  Prepare anything you need for the next morning and even leave yourself some water, a Gatorade and maybe an Advil or two.  If you do happen to have a hangover, you will be very happy you prepared for it.

A Meal Seals the Deal

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.  So before you get your day going, make sure you have a hearty meal, full of protein and carbs.  These nutrients will help absorb the alcohol and decrease your chances of having a hangover.  You should also have another one or two light meals or snacks throughout your day to keep your body full of energy.   You don’t want to eat too much though.  You need to give your body time to digest otherwise you’ll increase your chances of vomiting.  And nobody wants that.  Personally I like to have toast or crackers before I jump in bed after a day of drinking.  While you’re sleeping, the carbs will absorb the liquor and you could have no signs of a hangover the next morning.

Hydration Station

We’ve all woken up feeling like a crumpled paper bag, all dry and lack luster. The alcohol mixed with the heat and sun, it can really take a toll on our bodies.  So keep up your hydration to prevent yourself from passing out.  Every two drinks, you should have some water.  Keep it balanced.  It won’t take away from your turn up.

Rest Isn’t Best (in this case)

After hours worth of drinking, dancing, and some beach games, you may be a little tired and ready for a nap.  However, that’s the wrong thing to do.  A Nap means the end of the game, you may never see the light of day until tomorrow afternoon.  So resist the urge.  Have a coffee or energy drink instead and keep it pumping.  You’re already drunk so half of the work is done.  Now just stay out and make the night one to remember, or not.

Keep the Tunes Flowing

Music is definitely a requirement in any drinking situation.  You need that beat bumping track that gets you and your friends turnt up and moving all around.  The music is like a superpower catalyst you never knew you had.  So whether it’s the latest track from mainstream or something your boy just put out on soundcloud last week, make sure you have the tunes bumping.  Dancing and staying active can also help you sweat out some of the alcohol you’ve been feeding your body all day.

Make Your Money Make Sense

As fun as these rapper’s make it seem in videos, don’t blow all your cash on drinking and partying.  Remember you do have to go back to being a responsible adult in a few hours; an adult with bills and expenses.  So capitalize on those two for one happy hours, or definitely bring your own drinks to the park or beach.  Don’t be afraid to stop drinking early.  You don’t have to drink the entire day and your body and wallet will probably appreciate you for it.  As long as you are having a good time, you are good.  Enjoy!

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