Sneaker Heads Unite for BET Experience Sneaker Expo

Written, shot and edited by Camille Jay and Published on Tha L Spot on June 28th, 2016

Lines wrapped around the Staples Center as sneaker fans of all ages hoped to buy, sell, or trade some of the worlds most exclusive sneakers.

Vendors from all over the country set up shop while The Sneaker Con Expo during BET Weekend in Los was designed for tons of sneaker vendors to set up shop and show off the hottest kicks out. Some of the most exclusive and expensive sneakers were collaborations, in which two brands come together to create something exclusive. Some of the most sought after shoes included Yeezys, Don C and Air Jordan collab and Supreme collabs. Some of these sneakers went for over $1000 dollars above retail value. Talk about a come up.

Fans were also able to bring in their own sneakers, in hopes of selling them or trading for something better.  The more exclusive your sneaker was the more money you could get for it. Sneakers had to be rare in popularity as well and barely, if ever, worn. One fan brought in 20 pairs of sneakers with plans to purchase a car with his earnings.

The sneaker culture is alive and well and doesn’t seem to be dying down. Instead it evolves and adds to the artistic element that is sneaker collecting.

Watch below a recap of what we captured:


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