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You ever wanted to know how a party or event was going before you got there? I’m sure we’ve all been through the struggle of “What’s everyone else wearing?, I hope it’s not just full of guys, or Does the DJ have the party poppin?” Now you can know before you go with the NiteStream […]

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[Trending] iPhone 6 Plus Controversy Carries On #Bendgate #Bendghazi

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So it looks like the hype surrounding Apple iPhone products is caving in, literally!

Consumers just got their hands on the brand new 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus, but reports of the new gadget bending in users’ pockets have set off a firestorm of online criticism.

The latest apple product was constructed with flexible aluminum, which has a tendency to warp slightly in the middle.  This design flaw surfaced only days after the release of the product.

The controversy sparks due to the lack of response from Apple’s public relations team.

So far, over 23,000 tweets have been posted including the hashtags #BendGate and #Bendghazi, allowing consumers to vent their feelings in the social media universe.


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Social Media Outshining the Mainstream

by Shanice Ross and Camille Cruz

new media v. old 1

With social media becoming such a huge part in everyday lives, it poses the question: is mainstream media irrelevant because of social media?

In the days of short attention spans and immediate satisfaction, some people find it easier to look to social media sites to retrieve their latest updates. It takes less than 30 seconds to type 140 characters on a cell phone and that’s all you need to publish information. Social media sites are a bundle of information about anything and everything, all in one place. This takes away from the use of traditional news mediums such as newspapers, radio and television broadcasts.

Social media leaders such as twitter and Facebook each reach about 554,750,000 users daily. With such a large demographic, the content is updated constantly. Since the applications are available on the web and on the phone, the information on these networks is portable and accessible at any time. For students and children growing up in this technology dependent world, many of them find it easier to get the information on portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. With a few simple clicks, they can access tons of information from just about anywhere in the world.

However, for some, mainstream media is a more reliable and trustworthy news outlet. Since almost anyone has access to publish information, finding credible sources on social media sites may be a little more difficult. Allowing anyone access to publish information has also created a shift in professional journalists versus amateurs. It is harder to find actual and reliable news stories, containing more fact than opinion.

Social media can break news faster than mainstream media, however, mainstream media can go more in depth and provide more detailed information than a tweet of 140 characters. They can also update viewers more frequently and get exclusive interviews with the key people in a news story.

Mainstream media continues to remain relevant by adapting to the tech savvy society. News apps such as NYT & CNN allow their publications to be taken on the go. By incorporating social media, when producing news content, mainstream media networks can maintain and increase their audience. Instead of competing against each other, these outlets should continue to work together to ensure the necessity of both.

For more in-depth information, check out this report from the university of Oxford.

Signs, signs Everywhere and not a Ban to See

By Camille Cruz, Scott Burgess, James Cecire, Emma Sugar




Hofstra students are supposed to think again before lighting up a cigarette on South Campus. But, many don’t. Despite the smoking ban that went into effect last spring, many students continue to light cigarettes on their walk to class.

“The problem with the smoking ban is while people know about it, there’s no one that really enforces it,” said Zoe Hoffman, a resident assistant at Hofstra University. During last year’s winter break, the university sent out emails to all students, notifying them of the smoking ban on the south side of campus. However, by the time students returned to school for spring semester, administration of the ban were scarce.

“It is to be enforced by the appropriate jurisdiction,” said Billy Finnegan, member of the University Senate, which was responsible for the placement of the ban on campus. The ban was first implemented on a trial basis. The university hoped for community policing, but after almost a year, some students are reluctant to participate in the ban and its enforcement.

“I still see people smoking on this side of campus,” said one Hofstra student. After a simple stroll around campus, it is apparent that there is a lack of “non-smoking” signs on the south side of campus, especially in the popular smoking areas. There are “non-smoking” signs located at every entrance to the campus, signs not much larger than a sheet of paper. The location of the signs plays a major role in their effectiveness. If no one sees the signs, how are they going to comply with them?

Many believe the system will continue to be ineffective if there is no new way to implement the ban. With the participation of public safety and an increase in signs in popular smoking areas, the smoking ban could be more operational.

Tha L Spot Makeover!

tha l spot

After one year of success blogging and networking, Tha L Spot has rebranded itself into a fresh new company.  Now extending services in public relations, Tha L Spot offers independent artists an outlet to be recognized. 

Founder Jessica Lanice, along with new members Jessica Rae, Justin Thomas, and myself have all contributed to the rebranding of the site in order to further serve you guys.

The website has received a complete makeover and you can check it out here.

In honor of the website makeover, Tha L Spot hosted a Website Launch Concert & Party on March 16th, 2013.

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This red carpet event, held at Iguana’s lounge in NYC, was hosted by Live Wire Empire Inc.’s Excell Bryan and Camillo “Joe Swagg Joseph. Performances included DioMara, Queenie Catora, DubWork, J. McFly, Deuce & Driz & Ms. Kendra Williams. The event was sponsored by B&C Studios, 4dacawz Graphix, Guilty Pleasure Apparel, Keeping It Ral Ent., YSD Magazine, V.E.R.G.E., Official Tissue Enterprise, and Something Serious Sundays from DTF Radio.

Take a look at scenes from the Red Carpet!

We thank all you LSpotters for supporting the team and the movement.

Make sure to check the site daily for your music, entertainment and fashion, updates.  Also be on the look out for the Song & Video of the Week.


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