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After starting off as a side hustle to raise money for college tuition, The College Girl blossomed into a full time business.  La’China B. shared her story of The College Girl cosmetic line and the movement she strives to create with her brand.

Stepping out of her shell, La’China took a leap of faith, and dived right into the business.  The College Girlcosmetics has released over 17 bold shades in 2 different lines, Smoothies and Wear It.  Along with the vibrant colors, the products also include various glitters, mattes and glossy styles.  Ranging between $10 and $15 a tube, this chic yet affordable lippie is definitely one all College Girls can wear with confidence.

the college girl 2Creating bold lip products is not all The College Girl stands for.  Aside from cosmetics, the College Girl aims to inspire females to better themselves in all aspects such as health, education, and social action and…

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Social media networks went on a frenzy last night as everyone watched and of course critiqued the 2014 BET Awards.  One of the most talked about aspect of awards shows is the fashion.  The red carpet transforms into a runway and celebrities must be on their A game to make it out intact.

photo 1

White gowns were popular on the runway last night, as seen by Ashanti, Amber Rose, Gabrielle Union,and more.  I guess the start of summer has everyone ready to show off in their bright white.

photo 2

And I wonder if Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and August Alsina had the same stylist.  The trio all sported red and black plaid lumberjack shirts throughout the night.  The only problem with these shirts was that they were too long.  They seemed more like dresses than shirts.

Now I must applaud the tweeters and instagramers for wasting NO TIME in getting the…

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The first Kim and Kanye Official Wedding photos are Here!

The couple tied the knot over the weekend at the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy.  Kim showed off her ravishing curves in a lace Givenchy gown.  And the pair displayed their love with kisses in a photo booth at the reception.

Celebrities from all calibers were in attendance from John Legend to Anna Wintour.  However it seems like celebrity power couple Beyonce and Jay Z missed the festivities and Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian seemed to be M.I.A as well.

Kim and Kanye started their honeymoon, without precious baby North, in the village of Castlemartyr in Cork, Ireland.

This is the third marriage for Kim and the first for Kanye.  Wish them the best of luck!

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Camille J. Cruz:

Summer hair care!!!

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Warm weather, increased humidity, and high levels of sun-exposure can take your hair from soft and shiny to brittle and dry. So here are a few tips to keep your gorgeous locks healthy and full of life.

hair pool

1- Sunscreen isn’t just for Skin

Protecting hair from the sun is just as crucial as protecting skin.  Although hats are a great accessory and can definitely help, using products with SPF chemicals are sure to block against harmful sun rays.  Try usingJane Carter’s Nourishing Shine or Mizani’s Thermasmooth Smooth Guard serum every few days for sun protection. And fellas, it’s also great for beards.

2-Wash and Co-Wash

Summertime always requires a little more maintenance.  It’s hot and that could mean more perspiration and dirty oils trapped in the hair follicles.  Washing hair once a week will do good in removing the sweat and dirt from the hair.  Co-washing, the practice of…

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The day millions of fashionistas have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Starting tomorrow, November 15th, H&M will carry classic Maison Martin Margiela clothing and accessories.  Now we can all be like Kanye!

Staying true to its avant-garde style, the Margiela collection for H&M incorporates objects, deconstructed materials, and embodies a baggy, oversized look.  You may also find that several pieces are fusions of two types of garments; either two different dresses combined or a skirt that turns into pants towards the bottom.  The Margiela house has always been known to turn anything into a fashion accessory and that is evident in their H&M collection.

This H&M and Margiela collaboration brings high-end style for an affordable price.  Original Margiela pieces can cost thousands of dollars, however the H&M collection price range from $13-$399.  The more reasonable price range allows more people to afford this brand.

The collection is composed of reissued archived Margiela pieces and will be labeled to indicate which Margiela season it originated from.  So when Kanye asks “What’s that jacket, Margiela?” You can respond with “Why yes it is. Inspired by the Fall ’95 collection to be exact!”

Take a quick listen to my  podcast about the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection, view some of the collection below and comment with your favorite piece.


Hello World. I am Camille Cruz and I am new to this blogging scene.  I am a student at Hofstra University with a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in dance.  Since I’m a newbie, I will dabble into a few topics until I find one that I absolutely love and will stick with it. Feel free to drop a comment, whether it be criticism, suggestions, or requests.  I’m open to all of that and enjoy the responses of my readers.

For my first blog, I chose the subject of Fashion. Enjoy!

The Fall season has arrived! And that means so has fall fashion, which in my opinion is one of the most fashion forward seasons of the year.  There are so many styles and looks to choose from.  But in order to complete a look, you need accessories.  I asked around to find out what accessory was a must have.  This season, there seems to be a trend with a particular accessory, one that no girl wants to leave the house without, a cable knit scarf.


“Scarves can be the one thing you need to add a little spice to your outfit,” said Sade Fantauzzi, a self-proclaimed fashionista at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. These scarves come in a variety of colors, lengths and patterns, which make them ready to be apart of any ensemble.  By adding a scarf to a simple shirt and jeans combination, you can make the outfit come alive.  They can also be dressed up or down which means they can go with any outfit.

“They are comfy and warm, making them a great fall essential,” said Natanya Abraham, a junior at Howard University in Washinton DC.  These scarves come in many textures for the different temperatures of the fall season.


“I do not leave my house without it,” said Yanique Conie of Delaware State University in Delaware.

Since this is such a versatile accessory, everyone should have a few of them.  If you want a custom-made scarf, I know just where to send you….

Lily’z Closet “Fun accessories for the everyday woman” With scarves and knit headbands ranging from about $12-$30.  Check it out at or on Instagram @Lilyz_Closet and Email orders to

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